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Terms and Conditions

Over the years we have strived to develop and maintain a reputation for being fair and honest. In preparing the terms and conditions, we have tried to apply these same principles in order to insure a thorough understanding of the multitude of questions and circumstances that are an inherent part of every auction. In order that we may proceed on even ground, please read and be familiar with the terms and conditions prior to participating in the auction. Please call if you have any additional questions.

1. Bidding
2. Verification of Bids
3. Opening and Advancing Bids
4. Call Backs
5. Left or Up To Bids
6. Tie Bids

7. Grading and Estimates
9. Guarantee
10. Buyers Premium
11. Payment Terms
12. Right of Refusal
13. Payment Terms
14. Shipping
15. Catalogue Rights
16. Clocks, Light-Ups, Mechanical & Electrical Items

Interpretation of Grade

1. Bidding: Bidding on our Internet auction site can be done in one of three ways: (a). A left mouse click on the "Place Bid" button will automatically enter your bid to the next appropriate incremental amount (see para. 3); (b). You may enter any amount greater than the next bid increment by highlighting the current bid, enter the dollar amount that you wish to bid and left mouse click the "Place Bid" button, or (c). Enter an amount in the "Automatically Bid Up To" box and, then click the "Place Bid" button and the program will automatically raise your bid to the next increment and bid on your behalf whenever the bid is raised on that particular lot. You will automatically be notified by Email if your bid is exceeded no matter which method of bidding you choose. If you have problems with your computer or in the event of a "glitch", or if you just prefer the personal touch of verbal communications, you may call in your bids (405) 285-8990. However, if the lines are busy, please try to confine your item check list to ten (10) lots if you are not advancing the bids. Also note that with Internet bidding current prices may change very rapidly thereby requiring more phone calls in order to stay in the bidding. NOTICE: NO MATTER WHAT METHOD YOU CHOOSE ONCE A BID IS PLACED IT IS CONSIDERED A LEGAL CONTRACT TO PURCHASE AND THE BID CANNOT BE CANCELED OR RETRACTED. PLEASE DO NOT BID MORE THAN YOU WISH TO PAY. Budget yourself and adhere to that budget, there is always a chance that you may end up with more winning bids than you expected and Buffalo Bay Auction Co. is not responsible for your bidding decisions.

2. Verification of Bids: If you have placed your bid by e-mail, fax or regular postal mail, you should verify the placement of your bid by phone prior to the final auction date. Please call to insure that your bids have been received and posted. Bids, other than by phone, must be received by 10:00 P.M. of the evening prior to the auction final day.

3. Opening and Advancing Bids: The minimum opening bid on any lot is $25.00. Advances on bids may be made in even amounts only and at increments stated below.

$10.00 to $99.00   $5.00 increments
$100.00 to $249.00   $10.00 increments
$250.00 to $499.00   $25.00 increments
$500.00 to $999.00   $50.00 increments
$1000.00 to $1999.00   $100.00 increments
$2000.00 and up   $200.00 increments

Bids submitted in odd dollar amounts will be advanced to the nearest even amount in accordance with the chart above.

4. Call Backs: You may request a call back on any item(s) that exceeds $200.00. We will do our best to honor and provide this service to the best of our abilities, however, this is in no way to be construed as a guarantee. Requests for call backs should be submitted prior to the final auction date to insure that they are logged in and recorded with all staff members. Note: call backs will not be made until the close of the auction which could mean a very late evening wake up call. If this is not satisfactory please use the "left or up to" bids service described in paragraph 5.

5. Left or Up To Bids: If you cannot stay up, are unable to call in, or if you do not desire a late wake up call (see para. 4) we will be glad to execute "up to or left" bids in your behalf. As with call backs, there is no guarantee that a left bid, submitted on the final day, will be executed. Both of these services require uninterrupted intervals to insure that they are posted with all staff members and properly executed against any other possible up to/left bids. All "up to or left" bids will be executed in a professional and discreet manor on your behalf. Open end bids (exceed all others) will not be accepted.

6. Tie Bids: In the event that two or more identical final bids are received on the same lot, said item will be awarded to the bidder with the earliest date and time entry. The auctioneer's decision in this situation is final. If there is any further dispute of this decision Buffalo Bay Auction Co. reserves the right to: (A) either withdraw the item from the sale; (B) reopen the bidding between the bidders in dispute; or (C) offer the item up for sale to all bidders in the next scheduled auction.

7. Grading and Estimates: Grading is on a five point scale (see chart at the end of the terms and conditions), and is based solely on our interpretation of grade. No refunds will be made based on a difference of opinion concerning our condition scale. Until a grading scale is put forth that completely eliminates fluctuations in interpretation we will not consider any refunds based on discrepancies of interpretation. Exception: If there is a blatantly obvious mistake between the printed grade definition and our photographs and notes, and the item is returned within seven days of receipt in exactly the same condition as our records indicate, a full refund (less shipping, handling and insurance) will be made. See Guarantee for additional information concerning returns. Estimates: The estimates placed on items in this auction are based on either prior sales or they are strictly an educated guess on the items value. Markets can change drastically based on supply and demand. These estimates are only meant to serve as guides, you the collector are the final authority on the actual value of any given item.

NOTE: Please call prior to the auction final date with any questions or concerns regarding grade, condition, age, etc. Private viewing by appointment only prior to final day. No viewing on final day, no exceptions.

9. Guarantee: We attempt to maintain consistency in our photographs, descriptions and grading from one auction to the next in order to maintain a high degree of respect and confidence in our interpretation so that our customers may bid with confidence. With only eleven lots returned in 1997 the question of grading (para. 8) is nearly mute as are the next three points, however, these guarantees do apply:

(a) Every item, unless otherwise noted in the catalogue or announced verbally, is old and not a reproduction.

(b) Every item, unless noted otherwise in the catalogue or announced verbally, is completely original and not a fabrication or marriage of two or more items. In regards to framed items, this guarantee applies to the item only and not the frame unless noted otherwise that it is the original frame.

(c) Every item, unless noted otherwise in the catalogue or announced verbally, is free of any restoration or alterations.

If there is a question of authenticity Buffalo Bay Auction Co. must be notified within fourteen (14) days of receipt. You must notify us by phone, fax or e-mail prior to having your concerns substantiated/authenticated by a third party. At this point, Buffalo Bay Auction Co. will grant an extension in order that the items authenticity can be determined by an unbiased party (Buffalo Bay Auction Co. reserves the right to verify any findings). If the disputed item proves to be in compliance with the above conditions, Buffalo Bay Auction Co. will issue a full refund plus any actual charges incurred in determining the items authenticity up to a maximum of $50.00, supported by appropriate invoices. (see para. 11, payment terms for exception)

10. Buyers Premium: All items sold in this auction are subject to a 14.00% buyers premium which will be reflected on all invoices (there is a 4.00% fee for payment by credit card).

11. Payment Terms: All successful bidders will be invoiced normally within 72 hours of the auction. Payment may be made by check (clearance may be required-a $25.00 handling charge will be added for any returned checks), money order, cashiers check or by Mastercard, Visa, Discover or Novus credit card (credit cards are subject to a 4.00% service fee). Oklahoma residents are also subject to a 8.25% sales tax unless a tax exempt certificate is filed with Buffalo Bay Auction Co. Full payment is due within ten (10) days of the auction. There is no right of return privilege if payment in full is not received within 14 days of the close of auction. A 2% per month finance charge will be assessed on any unpaid balances if payment is not received in 29 days. If payment, or arrangements for payment, have not been made within 14 days of the auction Buffalo Bay Auction Co. may, at its discretion offer said items to the underbidder.

12. Right of Refusal: Buffalo Bay Auction Co. reserves the right to deny participation in any/all auctions to any individual if problems arise regarding credit, nonpayment or returned checks. If we are forced to turn over any account for collection, buyer agrees to pay all costs incurred in the collection process. Please set your limits before bidding, remember: your bid is a legal contract to purchase.

13. Payment Terms: If Buffalo Bay Auction Co. is notified seven (7) days prior to the end of auction and before any bids are submitted, qualified bidders may request to make payments over sixty (60) days from the end of the auction. A nonrefundable 25% deposit and a $25.00 service charge are required for this service and bank and personal references may be requested. If payment in full is not received within 60 days Buffalo Bay Auction Co. may, at its discretion, resell the item(s).

14. Shipping: All items will be shipped as soon as possible in the order of payment received. We do not do our own packaging, packaging, shipping and insurance charges will be included on all invoices, no collect calls or COD's will be accepted. Buffalo Bay Auction Co. is not responsible for damages incurred in shipping, any and all claims must be filed with the carrier. If you wish, you may personally pick up your items. Please notify us immediately if this is your intention otherwise packaging charges may be incurred.

15. Catalogue Rights: Buffalo Bay Auction Co. retains all rights to this catalogue including photographs, descriptions, and prices realized. Any commercial use or reproduction of the contents of this catalogue, without the written consent of the officers of Buffalo Bay Auction Co. is strictly forbidden.

16. Clocks, Light-Ups, Mechanical & Electrical Items: All items are guaranteed as described while in our possession. Once sold there is no warranty or guarantee as to the working condition of these type of items which due to the age and temperment of these mechanisms are easily affected by temperature changes, handling and/or shipping

Interpretation of Grade

Grade 10: Mint, unused or unopened-no wear or fading.

Grade 9: Very minor imperfections primarily to areas subject to wear-lids and rims on tins, light roll creases on mail order calenders and paper items, soiling on print edges, light paper loss on containers opened by string pull, etc., but all image areas are near mint.

Grade 8: Light scratches, minor dents, very light edge rusting or litho loss at edges, minute edge tears that may go into image area, color is very good to excellent and overall the item views nicely at three feet.

Grade 7: Heavier scratching or flaking, light dents, pitting or rust spots, or light fading, stains or soiling. Tears in excess of 3" but not into primary image, edge damage, etc. very presentable at six feet.

Grade 6: Very noticeable damage or deterioration.

Note: Again, this is our interpretation - grading is subjective and not a criteria for refund except as noted in paragraph 7 exception.



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